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Ever been in an RP with someone and their replies are FLAWLESS then you go to write and you just


 I was perfectly content, but when you decided to throw away your honor as a homunculus you forced me to step in. You speak of your precious Pride, that quality for which you were named. But then you suddenly find yourself in grave danger and you seek to escape into the body of a human, a lower life form you so despise. It’s pathetic. You’re a disgrace!


if i don’t cry
            do you think i don’t feel?
if i look away
             do you think i don’t see?
and just because i want someone
                                          when i’m alone
doesn’t mean i’m helpless;
                                or that i can’t stand
                                                       on my own

"I for one am unamused."

Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character: How do you feel about Kimblee? Most people see him as crazy and out of control. Do you feel the same way?

Kimblee… Calling him a loose canon would be an understatement. Frank considered him the personification of war, a brilliant force that was near unstoppable by human hands.

"While it’s true he tends to run by his own game, he’s most definitely far from crazy. In a war, the losing team is the one that dies, and Kimblee has found manners to ensure that he’s part of the winning party. While his methods are unorthodox, they most definitely make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield and a cunning man outside of fights.

And of course, as far as out of control goes, there’s always manners to tame even the wildest of beasts. Kimblee simply needs those who play by his rules, rather than the rules of those who train to fire a gun but refuse to take a life.”


Imagine your OTP having rough sex. Person A fucks Person B hard and fast, keeping a bruising grip on their hips. A bites down on B’s shoulder as they come, and B leaves deep scratches over A’s back.

Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.
In my experience, nothing worthwhile has ever really been all that easy. But it certainly has been worthwhile regardless how difficult it seemed.
—Robert Fanney (via avenue)