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Frank strongly relates to mute swans. He’s quite an adapted swimmer, considered a bit of a high stature person, obviously pale with a little black, tends to be seen by himself or in company of one other and he strives to mate strictly to one person for life.

He also habitually hisses when he’s aggravated.


Frank had a rather strongly present need to toss and turn in the early stages of his sleep.

His legs are frequently bruised and he gets away with it because of his job and his strongly present hate of shorts for anything other than swimming.

However, when he has someone sleeping with him, accidents tend to happen.

He’d once firmly kneed Fessler in the testicles and almost hit Kimblee a black eye if it weren’t that Kimblee’d started to see it coming. 


Learn to be quiet about your misery
And keep your sadness in the dark.

 Because, my dear…
                                    Nobody cares about your broken fragile heart.


my favorite thing is when the partner that’s super loud and commanding and draws all the attention in public is the one that whines quietly as they’re pinned down to the mattress and forced to take what’s given to them while their partner whispers filthy things into their ear

♥ ●

♥: One thing you love about your Muse.


I think what drew me into Frank initially was his stubborn determination. Alex insists that the Elric brothers aren’t there? Relax we’ll check it out anyway I have my reasons. Crimson Alchemist shows up showing he’s fully aware of killing anyone? Aim a gun at him while offering him his job back. Conversation with someone who point blank witnessed him killing women, children and fellow soldiers? ‘Crimes he never committed, Mustang, come on, cut the man some slack’.

●: If you could say just one thing to your Muse, what would it be?

Calm your ass down and relax for once, Archer. You’re going to wind up dead on the job without your goal completed. Make a crossword puzzle, take a hot bath, sing karaoke, for the love of God, not everything has to be all work all the time.

☁ ✉

☁:Favorite part of RPing.

I could talk forever about how I love how the characters I adore are back to life, but… I never really loved RPing as much as I do when I create bonds with the people who I roleplay with. Even if those bonds haven’t always been perfect, and even if those bonds were broken, roleplaying to me is mostly about making friends, about laughing with people, about making people smile and feeling less lonely.

The best friends I’d made were through roleplaying. Even if I can’t remember all of their names, I still remember the way many of these people made me feel throughout the years, which was warm, which was welcome. I’m incredibly quiet off the internet and I tend to be a little uneducated streetwise, plus I’m terrified of trusting a lot of people.

RPing gave me friends like Eli, Missi, Amee. People that have gone out of my reach but who’ll always carry a spot in my heart, like Liv, Miles, Lex, Ed, Laura. People who I’ve had falling outs with over the stupidest reasons and who probably resent me now for thinking fondly back at them, which completely clouds up the people who’ve hurt me or my friends, even if I sometimes want to quit entirely because of them.

So yes, to make a long story short, my favorite part of RPing is the family I gain.

✉:Any RPers the Mun admires.

All the Greed RPers. Ever. But that’s because I kinda lost my Greed muse and I’ve been dying to jump back onto him.

For the rest I don’t really… admire roleplayers much? I admire their steadfastiness in keeping up posting formats, but I’ve roleplayed with every kind of roleplayer there is and in the end I learned that we’re all just a bunch of nerds typing up stories of fictional characters we may or may not schlick to.

Besides that, I don’t really read a lot of people’s roleplays when I’m not involved because I’m lazy as hell and I only care about a handful of characters but sssh.

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omg can we just appreciate this moment

like Bradley seemed genuinely excited at Gluttony expressing interest in girls. His head did little motion lines and everything. He’s just PUTTING CHASING LING AND LAN FAN ON HOLD to discuss Gluttony’s sexuality.

but then Gluttony KILLS it, revealing he’s just into eating people and Bradley’s like “ugh just leave”. He was curious and interested for a minute tho, I think he thought he’d finally found something to relate to Gluttony on, A BRO HE COULD TALK ABOUT GIRLS WITH, like “hey do you like it when women slap you because I’m super into that” .

I mean who else is he going to talk to he is literally the only person in their group who is even faintly implied to be attracted to anyone. is he going to talk to Envy about girls no those conversations would go nowhere “I SURE DO LOVE WATCHING HUMANS SUFFER”  like dead end there. dead end.

but nope Gluttony had to let him down.


I want to hold you close
                              Soft breath, beating heart
               As I whisper in your ear
                                                       “̬̦̰I͉͍̳̱̫̫ ̼̥͔̜͙̺̞w͈̮͇a͖̥̞̭n̖̩̰̺̙t̩͕͖̹ ͈̮͉̭̤̪t̯̹̦o ̥̙̩͉̟̙͍f̣͖͍̙̹u͖̯͚̞c̺kin̯̝̰̞̱g̪̣̮ ̺̩̖̭̙̝̭t̲̜̼e͙̤a̘̖r̩͚̤ ͇͇y͔̼o͈̟͇̮͇̭ṳ̯͎̮͉̣̟ ͕͎̰̤̣͎a͉̱͔̰̼̯͙p̹̗̞̮a̞͚͎̙̣͇ṛ̹t̫̼͍̪̗̮”͇̠̺̞̙̟̙̗̲͇